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The following groups are affiliated with Spiral under the requirements specified in our operating procedures.

Darkmoon Circle

Darkmoon Circle is the "grandmother circle" of Spiral. It was founded in 1978 by Diana L. Paxson and Marion Zimmer Bradley and has continued to meet ever since. Darkmoon is also a member of the Covenant of the Goddess, an international Wiccan organization.

Darkmoon is a women-only circle whose focus is the Goddess in all Her faces and phases. It meets at the dark of the moon at the homes of members and is closed except by invitation, however Darkmoon plays an active role in the Spiral community, and members often present rituals at Gateway or serve as priestesses in the Liturgy of the Lady.

A typical Darkmoon meeting consists of a ritual to one of the goddesses which includes a magical working for some purpose such as healing or personal transformation.


Hrafnar (the Ravens) grew out of a rune class held in 1988 by Diana L. Paxson. In addition to being a Spiral group, it is also a Garth of the Troth, an international heathen organization.

Hrafnar works in the Germanic Reconstructionist tradition (also known as Ásatrú or Heathenry), honoring the gods and goddesses of Scandinavia, Northern and Western Europe, and Anglo-Saxon England. The group meets on the second Wednesday of each month in Berkeley, and is open to men and women who are interested in Germanic religion. Associated with Hrafnar are several special interest groups, including Seiðhjallr, which presents oracular seið to the larger pagan community, and groups working with specific gods or goddesses.

A typical Hrafnar meeting includes passing the mead horn and singing to honor one or more Germanic gods and/or goddesses. For more information on Hrafnar, see our website.

Etz Cha'im

We are a group of pagan folk working in the improbable overlap of the Western Occult Qabala and the Jewish Kabbalah. Our anchor is Aryeh Kaplan's Sefer Yetzirah and Commentary on the Sefer Yetzirah. We are a closed, mixed-gender group.


A invitational women's-only circle; we've been meeting monthly for over 10 years for mutual support, magic, hugs and laughter, by the grace of the Lady.

See our page for more information.

Mystery Circle

Serpent's Egg

Thiasos Olympikos

Thiasos Olympikos has their own website.

Holy Order of the Epicene

The Holy Order of the Epicene is comprised of people who choose to live outside of the polarized gender spectrum. We are an international disorganisation open to anyone who defines themselves as epicene, and feels the call to live this life in service to community and spirit. We are the keepers of the libraries and archives, we are the tenders of the sick, and the companions and facilitators for people’s transitions, whatever they may be.

Our primary focus is the Epicene Pagan Library. Our ongoing plan is to create an pagan epicene retreat center and hospice with a focus on elder care.

For information, please visit our website.

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